NSAC Volunteer Sign-Up

TAASA is excited to host the National Sexual Assault Conference (NSAC) this June. At this stage, we are calling for volunteers who want to join us in providing a valuable experience for conference attendees. Our goal is to team up and make sure everyone, regardless of gender identity or expression, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, race, and/or religion enjoys their time at NSAC.

Volunteering is a great way to network while getting a behind-the-scenes look at the conference. Volunteers assist and support the following key areas of the conference:

  • Registration area
  • Lobby greeters
  • Workshop monitors
  • Audio/Visual support

How to Volunteer

In order to volunteer please take a moment to fill out the online volunteer form below so that we know a little more about you, your availability, and your interest areas of the conference.  Once we receive your information we will be following up with final assignments mid-May. Due to the size of the conference, TAASA’s volunteer committee will only assign full day and half-day shifts to ensure that all hours of the conference are covered. In addition, we will provide a mandatory training for all volunteers prior to the conference.

Volunteer Opportunities prior to NSAC (Austin, TX)

There will be volunteer opportunities the week before NSAC at the TAASA office located in Austin, Texas to assist with final organization of NSAC materials (registration packets, name tags, workshop monitor packets). If you are in Austin prior to NSAC and would like to volunteer, indicate in the sign-up form below!

Volunteer Opportunities at NSAC (Dallas, TX)

Greeters and Guides
The conference hotel is quite large and there will be many participants who may need assistance in finding their workshop, bathroom facilities, restaurants, and other amenities. Various volunteers will be needed throughout the conference during transitions between scheduled activities to assist participants in locating where they need to go.

Workshop Monitors
Workshop monitors need to be comfortable in greeting participants and the speaker to the designated room, provide an introduction for the speaker, assure that workshops begin and end on time, assist participants in finding seats, and close workshops if the room becomes too full. Monitors will distribute workshop evaluations at each session and be responsible for making sure all materials are turned in to the Volunteer Coordinator. Due to the volume of workshops, monitors will not be able to pick the workshop they would like to monitor.

Equipment Monitors
At the beginning of each day, volunteers will be needed to assure that all necessary equipment (flip charts, markers, projectors, etc.) is available in each room. Monitors may be asked to check on the rooms during various times of the day to resupply or redistribute materials as needed.

Audio Visual Assistance
Volunteers assisting with audio visual equipment are not expected to be an “expert” with computers, but have general knowledge on how to troubleshoot issues presenters may have in regards to connecting laptops to projectors, pulling up presentations, etc. Volunteers assisting with AV may be asked to assist in setup up equipment (laptop/projector), checking on multiple rooms, and communicating with TAASA Conference staff for any AV issues that may arise.

For more information regarding volunteer sing-up, contact Liz Boyce at eboyce@taasa.org.